Lung Ultrasound Training
An ultrasound training in Saint Louis, MO

An ultrasound training in Saint Louis, MO

       Are you planning a study that will require lung ultrasound testing?  We have developed training plans for both physicians and non-physicians and are currently rolling out testing protocols in Bangladesh, India, Rwanda, Peru, and Guatemala.  
       We will adapt our current format to the needs of your specific study.  Our basic training plan includes an initial training period of ten training days over two weeks, followed by a one- to two-month period of full expert overreads to ensure full standardization. Subsequently, we offer ongoing 10-20% expert overreads for quality assessment.  Finally, we also offer equipment consultations so that you choose the right device for your study. 
       To date, we have successfully trained over 30 physicians using a library of 4,300+ ultrasound videos. Our results speak for themselves; our trainees in Bangladesh achieved Kappa statistics of 0.73 for normal ultrasounds and 0.77 for consolidations.
       Please visit Global NCD's STATmed website and fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation to discuss pricing strategies and to form a plan of action!