Mary Crocker MD, MPH

Mary Crocker MD, MPH, is a post-doctoral fellow in Pediatric Pulmonology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Her primary interests are in development and evaluation of programs to decrease morbidity and mortality from childhood respiratory diseases, particularly asthma and pneumonia. Her previous work has focused on management of asthma in Managua, Nicaragua, and home assessments to reduce environmental triggers of asthma in North Carolina. Dr. Crocker is spending a year in Puno, Peru under the mentorship of Dr. Checkley, with support from a Fogarty Global Health Fellowship and the T32 program at UNC. She is researching the progression of lung ultrasound findings over time in cases of childhood pneumonia, with the goal of improving the utility of lung ultrasound as a diagnostic tool. She is collaborating with teams from Johns Hopkins and PRISMA on the HAPIN Trial.