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Magdalena Fandiño, MS

Magdalena Fandiño del Rio, MS, is an Environmental Engineer who graduated with honors from a Master of Science degree in Engineering with emphasis on Air Quality and Emissions.

As a research assistant at the University of Los Andes in Bogota, she developed the point source emissions inventory for the city and participated in the development of the Air Quality Management Plan for Bogota. Magdalena has several years of experience in emissions estimations, sustainable transport and climate change. Her research interests include the study of personal exposure to indoor air pollutants and the relationship between exposure and health effects through comprehensive exposure assessments.

Magdalena is currently working in the Cardiopulmonary Outcomes and Household Air Pollution (CHAP) Trial. CHAP is a field intervention trial taking place in Puno, Peru that is evaluating the effects of a liquefied petroleum gas stove intervention compared to standard cooking practices with open-fire biomass burning stoves, as a strategy to reduce household air pollution and improve cardiopulmonary outcomes.