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Kendra Williams, MPH

Kendra Williams, MPH, is a PhD candidate in the International Health Department, Social and Behavioral Interventions Program of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Kendra is working with Dr. Checkley on the Cardiopulmonary Outcomes and Household Air Pollution Trial (CHAP) and the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network Trial (HAPIN) investigating the health and environmental impacts of LPG adoption. Her research specifically focuses on the social and behavioral factors influencing sustained use of LPG stoves in Puno, Peru.

Kendra previously served as a Research Advisor for the USAID Translating Research into Action Project (TRAction), providing technical oversight and support to three research studies investigating the adoption of clean cooking technologies in Rwanda, Guatemala, and Ghana. Kendra has previously supported research in the areas of water and sanitation, malaria, and equitable access to facilities for delivery, across countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, India, Indonesia, and Guatemala.