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Fiona Majorin, MSc, PhD

I have a BSc in biology with honours in zoology from The University of Edinburgh (2009) and a MSc in Control of Infectious Diseases from LSHTM (2012). I recently completed my PhD, which included research on child faeces disposal practices and determinants, as well as a systematic review of the health effects of improving child faeces disposal. 

I'm currently involved in two evaluations of environmental interventions in India and Rwanda. In India, we are evaluating an intervention to improve latrine use, including for child faeces disposal. In Rwanda I'm involved in the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network (HAPIN) Trial (, an international multi-center study aimed at assessing the impact of a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cooking stove and fuel intervention on health.

Affiliations: Department of Disease Control, Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Research: My research has mostly focused on child faeces disposal, including field research and reviews. I am leading a Cochrane systematic review of interventions to improve the disposal of child faeces to prevent diarrhoeal diseases and STH infection. I was recently involved in research to design a behaviour change intervention to improve latrine use in India. We are now in evaluating this intervention in a RCT in Odisha, India. 
Previously, I have worked on the evaluation of the impact of improved cookstoves and water filters on household air pollution and drinking water quality. I have also been involved in a Cochrane review of improved water quality.