Carla Tarazona-Meza, LN

Carla E. Tarazona-Meza, LN, serves as a research collaborator with Dr. William Checkley's team in association with the nonprofit organization PRISMA in Peru and Johns Hopkins University. She leads the nutritional components of the different studies in this country and coordinates the work in Lima site. Carla received her Bachelor of Science and License in Nutrition from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in 2012 and 2014 respectively. Her thesis was focused on micronutrient initiative to combat anemia in Andean regions of Peru in association with Action Against Hunger. There, she worked with community health promoters to ensure the adherence of the micronutrients supplements in these communities. Carla is member of the Peruvian Nutritionists School and has been recognized by the European Respiratory Society with the Silver Sponsorship award. She currently holds a scholarship from the European Union for her postgraduate training.